A Little about yourself?, Who is Alien6?

ALieN 6, is a being much like yourself. I am made of photons, cells, flesh. I am a being seeking balance within the Universe. The galaxy, Earth offer beautiful and sometimes tragic inspirations. I have been crating by way of inspiration my whole existence


When did you start with Art as a whole?

Many moons ago, the early 90’s set off a catalyst. I felt my first tragedy, a great loss. That loss sent me to the depths of my own soul. I found my way out by creating what I felt.

Waw, I guess the tragedy was your trigger?

Yes, it was a deep loss. I was a young Earth being at that time. I am glad I was able to create and go down a different path.

sorry to hear that,

What motivated you to get started with NFT's in particular?

When I first was introduced to the NFT world I thought it was the best place for artists to showcase their work. I have spent decades on Earth selling (or trying to sell) my physical artwork. I use many mediums to create physical art but I find the skys the limit with creating NFTS

There seems to be no barriers, When did you mint your first NFT?

This year, just a few short months ago I minted EARTH-1, my first NFT. 

I am a sarcastic ALieN, or so I’ve been told. So EARTH-1 (won) depicts earth, headed to another solar system. It is my guess Earth has their limits too.


How has the journey been so far so good?

This journey has been amazing. I have had 3 dope collab’s with amazing NFT artists. I have sold over 20+ NFT’s. I have so much motivation and inspiration by the work I see from other NFT artists. I see this community as a second home, filled with creators, collectors and dope beings like yourself ;) I never want to leave!

The community is extremely supportive and truly dope.

But what's your take on NFT Guru's and fake collectors popping up especially on twitter?

Well, I don’t judge but I would question someone claiming to be an NFT Guru. To become a jedi, it takes lifetime to learn the force. NFT technology has existed but NFT creators are fairly new, at least most that I’ve seen claim to be “all knowing” I think we all need to support each other. I dislike fake collectors, I’ve watched NUMAN get pawned by one. Those fake collectors are not cool humans. Most cruel humans are scared, hurt beings. So I really just feel compassion for them.

Interesting perspective,

I see You have NFT's on multiple marketplaces especially rarible, which do you think is better in terms of sales for New NFT Artists?

I do have work on rarible and opensea. 

I have found that rarible is better for my sales. I have had 1 bid via opensea and dozens on raribe.

I find rarible is a better avenue for emerging creators. 

When an NFT is minted on rarible, it is automatically put on opensea. So although gas a higher on rarible, it’s two for one deal.

Fascinating, What was your First ever Minted Artwork?

I first minted EARTH-1. I minted a few very different NFT styles when I first began (fridavision, adhd, mental state prison). But I’m proud to say those were all purchased.

How long did it take to get that first sale?

To my recollection, a little over a week. Rarible takes time to verify, so that inhibits an artists reputation but my collectors saw my truth in my work. I am lucky to have them. My greatest sale was 20 editions of my doge NFT purchased by single collector

What's your Art stack? 

I use procreate to start my work often, then throw it into Adobe for movement and finishing touches. I may age myself here but I have been using photoshop since photoshop began....

Interesting, Do you mind disclosing Your Sales figures?

I am a humble ALieN and have certainly collected more work that I have sold but I would say off hand maybe around 1eth so far. My lasted NFT sold for .04 ($139)

What are the biggest challenges you've faced and obstacles you've overcome?

High gas is an issue, it halts all sales and minting. Recently we saw a shift in where creators were minting work. That seems to be the only obstacle.

Fantastic, you seem to give more than take from the NFT Community

I would never take what is not intended for me. I sincerely enjoy coming on Twitter and communicating daily with awesome humans who just want to express themselves via nfts.

Yeah, the gas fees can get crazy at times. Hopefully Ethereum 3.0 solves the problem or some product does.

I hope that the Eth upgrade will do just that. I believe it will. We are all here together on Earth during these amazing evolving times. I can’t wait to see what other technology humans bring to the table, more so, I can’t wait to see the art that is birthed from all of it.

Once the problem is solved, creatives will explode.

What's your advice for NFT Artists who are just starting out?

My advice for novice or emerging nft artists is to stay confident with their process and work. There is a collector for every artist. But the main thing I’ve learned is, be yourself and creator what you love not what you think others will love. those who are also genuine will find you and together the community that is formed is based on truth, compassion and most of all NFT’s!

Exactly authenticity always wins, What are your goals for the future?

To creative 3x more than I do and share it 10x over with the world. I hope to have an extensive collection filled with NFT artists from all over the world. I want to be fully immersed in NFTS (aka quit by human cloak job)

Goodluck on that

Well it's been fantastic talking to you today, Thanks for the opportunity Any last words for the readers?

I just want to thank you for your time and for your awesome work with helping emerging artists. NFT HUNT will change the NFT game. Your energy can be felt through the ether, thank you for being a super dope human being.

Viva el NFT’s!