a chat with cryptoSoul

A Little about yourself?, Who is cryptoSoul?

Crypto Soul is a soul who is searching for his purpose in life and expresses himself through Soulful art while at the same time also creating unique soul collectable toys/figurines for people to collect

Fantastic, So it's safe to say CryptoSoul is a deep person.

What's cryptoSoul's actual Name or would he love to remain the Anonymous CryptoSoul?

Yes he is. The meaning is deep and mythical but crypto soul is for the people and will always show love and support

You can just call me Soul or crypto soul 😊😊

Ok great,

When did you start with Art as a whole?

I started coming up with ideas and basic doodles of soul concepts about 3 years ago but I never actually started anything until I signed up for rarible a month and a half ago

That’s when I really started the soul movement

What motivated you to get started with NFT's?

My friend actually showed me it and when I saw the potential I couldn’t miss the opportunity of showcasing my passionate art to the world.


How has the journey been so far so good?

It’s been amazing and fast. I only started my journey a month and half ago but yet it seems like I’ve already established a name for myself. I still have a long way to go but the best part is all the amazing people I’m meeting and learning from. There is no other genuine and supportive space out there like the NFT community.

oooh, You have NFT's on both rarible and open sea, which do you think is better in terms of sales for New NFT Artists?

One thing I learned about big artist is that it’s just about knowing your platform. Open sea gives me the opportunity to release stuff without having to worry about paying gas. While rarible is more exclusive and you need to think more about what you drop cause it can be costly so again it’s just about knowing your platform and what type of style you wanna drop for each one

Fascinating, What was your First ever Minted Artwork?

The first ever concept made for my soul idea

There’s a folklore in Japan called “Hitodama” where the spirit of the dead roam around in a form of a blue flame ghost

That’s part of where my idea came from and why I make my soul look like a ghost/flame character

Shows the thoughts and heart put into the Art,

What's your Art stack? 

I don’t make the art cause I’m not an artist. I have artist who work for me and I bring my idea/concept to the table and they are able to bring it to life

It’s artist who believe in my soul brand who wanna be apart of it and blender.

Fantastic, How many artists work for the brand?


Interesting, Do you mind disclosing Your Sales figures?

Sorry that’s private Smiling face with 😊

Sorry I was freaking out cause Garry V followed me aha

Ok sure No Problem

That's absolutely fantastic absolutely fantastic, I'm also a huge fan

He’s amazing :)

Absolutely, You seem to be a Gary vee fan, what about him excites you?

His will to never give up and his entrepreneurship skills

What are the biggest challenges you've faced and obstacles you've overcome?

A challenge was not being an artist and not being able to create my dead and a obstacle in be overcome is not feeling bad about not getting sales anymore cause it’s not about that and that’s not why I started this. It’s about having fun through the process and staying true to your roots

When you realize that then creating NFT become more fun and easier


What's your advice for NFT Artists who are just starting out?

Don’t feel not getting sales, show love and support to others , don’t try to force people to buy your work and enjoy the process Smiling face with smiling eyes

Also become friends with people in the community

Exactly, What are your goals for the future?

Financial freedom , ownership and build up the soul brand to be known worldwide


Well it's been fantastic talking to you today, Thanks for the opportunity Any last words for the readers?

Like wise and never give up on something that makes you happy Smiling face with smiling eyes

Thank you for having me