How to build a community around your NFTs.

The biggest turn on for a collector is when an NFT Artist as a community around His/her NFT. 

Why does a collector care?

Simple, except if a rare event happens and your NFT and you as an Artist Goes viral, only the community you’ve built will sustain the longevity of your NFTs Which will keep or ideally multiply the Value of your NFT.

So now what is a community ?

A community is a group of people with similar ideas and beliefs moving towards a goal(s). With NFTs it is having people who believe in you and your style. When building a community the end goal should be a cult(tightly Knit community). People who will follow your Art from pluto to the MOON!.

How do you build a community ?

  1. Define your F****** Style and positioning: What is your style much like traditional community building there needs to be an initial Niche. Are you the 3D artists with a range of styles the artists with the dark style like sic8684 or the cute style like ChiaraMoreni ? Not every artists has this type of niche community but starting out this should be the goal before expanding.
  2. Who is your Ideal Community member? : You don’t want to just go out on the first day with a giveaway having anyone in the initial user base of the community. Its like building an House, the foundation needs to be strong a shitty foundation won’t create sustainability. A little point to take out of the early stages of Facebook. They were niched down to Havard only, college students were the ideal community member. After they had the strong foundation they became an Open sea. Sp YOU NEED A STRONG FOUNDATION
  3. After getting the first set of members, TALK A LOT: You need to start the conversations and keep them going everyday a good morning how was your night? and what are you working on wont Hurt. Be the most active member, don’t let any message go unanswered.
  4. Take a step back: At this point the community is growing either fast or slow, No worries No need for the giveaway(yet). This is a step most people skip, Take a step back and you’ll notice there’s no interaction between community members all the interaction is directly related to you. This is great at least to make everyone feel welcome. Now try getting people to talk to each other by encouraging feedback.
  5. Ask for referrals: The people in your community are already ideal bet they know other ideal people. This is very effective cause if everyone invites 1 person your community doubles with Quality members.
  6. Giveaway: After the foundation is set it’s time for some publicity stunts, Giveaways, challenges get creative. this will bring a lot of people but now you are betting on your quality foundation to filter the “Giveaway hunters” out or any “bad egg” this is where you begin to get a feel of how your community will roll. At this point you need to be active as hell within the first 3 weeks to keep everyone active. Then step away for a day or two just see if people kickstart conversations without you. If they do then yes you are good to push on if not go to step 3 and talk a lot more then do the same