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NFTs have traditionally been a category of art related to blockchain technology but now, with the newly found fame of NFTs and digital ownership, it’s starting to mean Art that is ‘own-able’ via NFTs on blockchain..

An NFT is a real-world digital asset that shows art, music, game perks and video. They are often purchased and traded online, using cryptocurrency, and are usually encoded with the same basic program as other cryptographic ones. Although NFTs have been a thing since 2014, They are currently becoming more and more popular. Since November 2017, NFTs have invested a whopping $174 million.

An NFT Investor is one who Buys NFTs with the hope of selling them at an Higher Price. Its just like a crypto investor or a regular investor.

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How Investing in NFTs Works

NFT Investing is fairly new, it has existed for a while but really started to Gain traction when Art Dedicated platforms like Known Origin, Superrare, etc started using NFTs, (ERC721 Tokens on Ethereum), to allow creators(artists) to ‘tokenize’ their work, Which means to turn their Art into NFTs (having it live on the blockchain).

This opened the doors for Collectors and Crypto whales to come in, track artists, buy the NFT of the art piece they liked and thus the collector-creator economy fulfilled.

NFT investor mechanics


Researching the Artist & Art

In the traditional are world people go for art they like and appreciate so they know others will appreciate the art too but with NFTs there’s have data on the blockchain to show what is appreciating in value and what is depreciating in value .

Most artists focus on growing a cult social media following on twitter (Mainly) Instagram, Facebook, Discord, telegram etc. With data and social profile growth, this has attracted a lot more people Whales to start collecting or investing in NFTs thus accelerating prices.

A platform Like NFT Hunt helps with researching the artists and making sure the artist is working actively on building a cult around His/her works.

EleMENTAL by William Parker

How to Buy an NFT

First, you need a digital wallet to hold NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Depending on the currencies/blockchain your preferred NFT marketplace supports, you may have some cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum for Open sea, SIGN for SIGN ART, XTZ for HEN . You may then move it to your preferred wallet from the exchange.

As you explore for choices, you will want to remember Gas fees. When you buy NFTs the work done to process the transaction cost “Gas fees”, most Marketplaces charge a percentage commission.

The next step is to Click the BUY button.

Afterwards probably make a shoutout on twitter, If its a collectible or Avatar project you might want to have it as your profile, Connect to tryshowtime and basically show it off.

Keep close tabs with the artist and monitor the developments of the Artists