How to launch on NFT Hunt and come #1

When it comes to an NFT Hunt feature where you know you NFT Could be bought if you come 1st or even in on the TOP 3. We’ve studied all successful NFT Launches and have come up with the perfect formula on How the Masters of NFT Hunt launches do it. Some NFT Hunt launch Guru’s are:


AnisotropyNft and a host of others that have amassed over 27 NFT OF THE DAYs (1st)

Here’s a simple checklist:

i. The day before tell your friends and fans to create accounts: Once you get the tweet notification that your NFT Will be featured or Post tell your Community. This is the time you need their Backing.

ii. Mass upvote: Once its 12 PM UK new NFTs will be Live on The site. That should be your target time 12:05 guide your community to Upvote you, 89% of the time the NFT That goes top within the first 15 to 30 Minutes stays first all through.

iii. Tell a friend to tell a friend: This is a crucial step most people miss, Once you get the initial boost and other Artists/collectors start to upvote the Art they Like purely based on How they Like it. Its time for a reboost remember others will also be looking to go on top and there might be a close shave or tie going. Post on Groups and make a tweet for your community to Retweet or urge your community to Make a tweet for you (get creative :) ) Another In flock of Upvotes will give you the necessary votes to go on top. 

iv. Keep an Eye out: At this point you’ve done due diligence now just keep an eye out to see if anyhow surpasses you. If any one did redo step 3.

BY THE 12PM UK TIME WHEN IT ALL ENDS, You’ll be sure to be top :)

BONUS: Encourage people to comment and get a conversation going.

Note: A failed launch doesn’t mean your Art isn’t dope, Being on the top 10 is a proof of how much of a cool artist you are. Keep going and don’t forget to build a community Around your Art Brand :)