Hundreds of NFT Artists share the stories behind how they've started and grown into profitable NFT Artists

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Interview with the Founder of SIGN ART

SIGN Art is a curated platform, we received around 800 applications since launch but we made the choice to go curated and ensure a safer environment for our collectors. We are not very strict on the artworks “quality” for the regular access (quite more for the APPROVED status) but we want to make sure the applicant is a legit artist, based on these number, you can imagine the amount of suspicious applications we received and from there how unsafe for collector would the platform be if we were fully open.

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Interview with Eattheart23

Just a guy who is vegan, a chef and loves to create art and beautiful food in the day job. I got a a relaxed look on the way I live my life and I'm a very honest, caring and am always at hand to help others

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Hi, my name is Nick AKA deathimself. I'm a self taught oil painter and animator from the UK. I like to create art using a blend of traditional and digital, combining both these worlds. When did you start with Art?


chemical messiah

I'm a pop surreal collage artist from philadelphia pa. I like hockey, music & horror movies

NFT Hunt interview with Chiara Moreni

Chiara Moreni

I am a 2D artist and I focus mainly on character design and 2D animation. I am originally from Rome - Italy but I have been living in London for five years now. Here I've graduated from UAL Central Saint Martins with a 2 years MA in Character Animation and since then I have been working in the industry of animation on tv shows, commercials and videogames.

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Johnny Otto

Johnny Otto is a self-taught Artist whose work is greatly inspired by African Art that he saw as a kid at the Detroit Institute of Arts. His work has been compared to Basquiat, Harign and Picasso. He has over 30 years of experience

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CryptoLady Gabi is a 51 Year old NFT Artists who has been making art for about 35 Years, Living in Netherland

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NFT HUNT INTERVIEW SERIES 1 a chat with cryptoSoul

Crypto Soul is a soul who is searching for his purpose in life and expresses himself through Soulful art while at the same time also creating unique soul collectable toys/figurines for people to collect

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Interview series 2 A chat with alien 6

ALieN 6, is a being much like yourself. I am made of photons, cells, flesh. I am a being seeking balance within the Universe. The galaxy, Earth offer beautiful and sometimes tragic inspirations. I have been crating by way of inspiration my whole existence

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