A Little about yourself?

Hi, my name is Nick AKA deathimself.

I’m a self taught oil painter and animator from the UK. I like to create art using a blend of traditional and digital, combining both these worlds.

When did you start with Art?

I’ve always had an interest in art since childhood, always drawing. In my teens I got into comics more and always wanted to be an illustrator, it wasn’t until 2014 where I picked up a paintbrush and decided to try my hand at oil painting. I got addicted to it and started painting prolifically. In 2020 I wanted to combine my physical work with digital, I already had some knowledge of photoshop but wanted to learn animation, this is when I started learning After Effects and creating my digital art Everyday paintings.

When did you start with NFT?

In July 2020 my brother phoned me and told me about NFTs, and recommended I research and apply to some platforms, at first I was skeptical but the more I read about it the more interested I became. SuperRare was the first platform to get back me and the first step in my NFT journey.

What motivated you to get started with NFT’s?

I feel that NFTs are a revolution in art that I was missing out on. The motivation for me was the excitement in being a part of this new era, and the new places I can imagine taking my art.

What was your First ever Minted Artwork?

Visitors Part 1 on SuperRare

It was also the first ever painting I animated.

How long did it take to get that first sale?

I believe it was around 1–2 months. After I made my second mint, I was approached by a collector on IG and they offered to buy both pieces for 1 ETH each.

What’s your Art stack? (software you use?)

Photoshop for cutting out aspects and editing, and After Effects for animating. I also use Media Encoder and Premiere for all the formatting and if I want to add music afterwards. For GIFs I use photoshop or Ezgif.

Do you mind disclosing Your Sales figures?

I’m sure that can be found online somewhere

What’s your Take on the NFT Space?

Absolutely love it. I’ve met more artists and made more connections in 1 year of doing NFTs than I have in my 7 years of painting. I love the whole concept of owning digital art, something that has been overlooked a long time. Everyone sees things on the internet and believes they can just right click + save, this space has given artists and other creators this power back, and can prove ownership of digital products.

How has the journey been so far so good?

As I said above its been amazing. Had such a great year and it’s taken my art to new heights. Yeah there’s been rough times, markets “crashing” but it just adds to the excitement for me.

rarible and open sea, which do you think is better in terms of returns and newbie friendly ?

I started with Rarible out of the two, seemed easier to understand for me at the time, being completely new to crypto, also the RARI airdrop was a nice touch. But after being in the space I understand the benefits of Opensea more, the free minting is an amazing perk for new artists, and the freedom to create a collection which you can edit at anytime is great. The control you have on OpenSea is a lot better than Rarible.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced and obstacles you’ve overcome?

My biggest challenge has been being seen and heard, and building an audience. I’ve been on twitter awhile but haven’t been using it, so I only had 60 followers before I started NFTs. That grind of getting my work seen and trying to market myself has been tough. But everyone’s helpful and we keep pulling each other up, there’s so many great supportive people in this space. Another challenge has been getting through the periods of no sales, its so mentally draining and really pushes you to the edge, gets you questioning your art but you just got to shrug it off, believe in your vision and keep going.