Interview with Eattheart23

Who is Eattheart23?

Just a guy who is vegan, a chef and loves to create art and beautiful food in the day job.

I got a a relaxed look on the way I live my life and I'm a very honest, caring and am always at hand to help others

What are your art inspirations?

Just whatever pops to mind at the time really

When did you start with Art?

I did graffiti when I was younger, some 40 years ago.

Picked it up again beginning 2020 with acrylic painting and paint pouring

When did you start with NFTs?

November 2020 I minted my first on a Chinese site, BCAEX, but never sold anything there

Why a Chinese site?

They invited me

They saw my work on Instagram

Interesting, You’ve been into Digital Art since when?

Since June 2020

Bit more than a year now

Dope Ever painted on a Canvas?

Yes, quite a lot during lockdown, Sold a few as well

How long did it take to make a sale with Art on Canvas?

Not too long, about 6 weeks after I started