Who is Christophe?

Hello everyone, I'm an a developer, founder of Digital Chain LTD, Signature Chain and Sign Art.

I’m French living in Asia with my wife and cats, I'm a martial art instructor / student and i love video game and challenges (I’m a Dark Souls series addict)

What other projects other than sign art have you built?

I started Signature-Chain.com in 2018 under which i created sign-web.app which is a web app built on Waves Blockchain and offering Document/Digital certification, multi party agreement as well as as custom wallet for our SIGN token.

We also started a custom wallet services for Waves Tokens but at the moment, our focus is mainly on SIGN Art.

Of course i built tons of projects over the years but not related to crypto, rather to my regular developer work.

Have ever minted an NFT?

Well, a lot, during development :) But as my own creation NFT for sale, not yet, i hope to find the time to do it soon, when the team grow and i can delegate more development and have time to create again.

How long has SIGN ART Been running?

SIGN Art development started early 2020 and have been release in production on January 18 2021

What are the Numbers Like on SIGN Art?

As of today, august 18 2021, we had:

* 306 Artists registered

 * 3996 Unique Drops

 * 2758 Sales

SIGN Art is a curated platform, we received around 800 applications since launch but we made the choice to go curated and ensure a safer environment for our collectors.

We are not very strict on the artworks “quality” for the regular access (quite more for the APPROVED status) but we want to make sure the applicant is a legit artist, based on these number, you can imagine the amount of suspicious applications we received and from there how unsafe for collector would the platform be if we were fully open.

In terms of revenue, we got around 2750 sales and revenue were pretty good with up and down of course since the NFT Art is still quite related to the crypto market up and down as well.

We had around 4000 unique drops on the platform. SIGN Art editions are limited to 10 as of today and NFT are only minted on sales request to put these number in a better perspective.

What were the early challenges?

Building on a new alt chain that have no other NFT community and marketplace, meaning we were starting from scratch without much prior standards to follow.

Is SIGN ART Venture funded or bootstrapped?

SIGN Art as well as other products under Signature Chain are all bootstrapped but we received amazing support from the Waves Blockchain through Grants that are allowing us to operate for quite some time without directing all our focus on revenues but rather on the platform improvement and users experience.

Recently, we decided to open to Venture Capital after receiving several offers and are working in that direction, this would allow us to grow the team and move forward at a faster pace.

When did you start out with NFTs?

I was following the NFT scene since a while while building sign-web.app, I've been into street art (graffiti) for very long when i was younger, i also got my diploma from Art School in France and was a Web Designer for more than a decade before i decided to focus more on the development side.

The idea to mix both, tech and art was for long in my mind. Once i finished the main features of sign-web.app i decided to start work on SIGN Art and NFT with the idea of a curated platform focusing on artists and their work as at that time, most platform looked like ecommerce rather than Art Gallery.