First What is Open Sea?

Open Sea is considered the first NFT marketplace and claims to be the largest NFT marketplace. As far as general marketplaces go, Open Sea has had the most monetary volume in the last 30 days, or the month of March 2021.

So Its clear Open sea is huge.

Now What is Foundation?

Foundation is not your typical curated marketplace. On Foundation also called FND, the community votes for the artworks that will appear on the Platform, making it more peer-to-peer, like the technology that NFTs are founded on. You have to apply to be an Artist/creator and add your name to the Community Upvote. After this, your fate will be decided on how the community votes on your art. Foundations Goal is to put “power in the hands of creators.” Although its user base is still growing, it has high monetary volume.



1. By far the biggest Pro for Open sea is minting and listing fee — pay only once, rest mint for free. Open sea’s lazy minting gives it an Edge over Foundation as it’s the best for New Artists.

2. OpenSea should also be considered good for beginners to get started on because the tutorials they give are easy to understand.

3. items from other platforms like Mintable and Rarible can be added to OpenSea, making it truly “open ” in that regard.

4. Large and successful NFT Projects Live on Open sea Cryptopunks, Bored Ape Yatch Club, veefreinds and so much More.

Spacial holidays


  1. Curated, Being curated allows for less and less Spam and fake, spammy and scam projects.
  2. Intuitive design: The user interface is black and futuristic just like NFTs.
  3. Once on FND the possibility of being Discovered is Higher than That of Open sea.


Open sea is the best platform out there for Newbies and For collections. Also A Being that a lot more transactions take place on Open sea than on any other marketplace(ETH) Its safe to say there are More Open sea collectors.

Foundation on the other hand is fantastic for the well established Artists looking to take the next step into “exclusivity” Being a closed Marketplace makes it not so saturated so the chances of your NFT Being Discovered is extremely High.

What do you think?

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